To provide ALL middle school (ages 11-14) students with opportunities to develop 21st Century Skills while promoting well-being and community belonging through competitive gaming, and support educators, administrators, and parents in creating these spaces for students to grow.


To create a safe space for middle school students (ages 11-14) to grow as learners, creators, competitors and global citizens through high-caliber esports programing, curriculum and competition.

Why Esports?


Competitive gaming provides a safe place within our schools and communities for all students to find belonging and develop deep, meaningful relationships. It allows students to develop their intra and interpersonal skills through the values upheld by sportsmanship


Esports provide endless opportunities for students to develop adaptable, 21st Century life skills. From critical and computational thinking, to strategy, adaptability, and ICT skills - Esports support educational and curriculum based learning outcomes


The world of competitive gaming is rapidly expanding in the North American arena, providing more and more opportunities for networking, post-secondary scholarships, and career possibilities

Starter Pack

Download your Starter Pack by opening the pop out pdf below

Starter Pack.pdf

Fund Your Esports Program

Have student interest but don't have the gear?

Start-up costs can range from $200-$400 - Check out the complete gear list in our Starter Pack found on our resource page

Here are some options to help you fund your program


  • Donation from a staff member or parent in your community

  • Present your proposal to your Parent Association for funding/support

  • Check with your Administration for funding possibilities

  • Apply through your divisional tech budgets


Many of the following grants are specified for "sports" but we'd love to see esports recognized by these corporations as well. If you've had success with a grant please share the news so we can recognize you within the community and direct others to these grants as well

Various grants available with no specific deadlines/budget caps

Grants for Early/Middle Years schools available in Spring 2020. Application process is available through their website

Grant up to $2500 for women in sport.

On-going grant with a focus on improving community and education

On-going grant with a focus on providing equipment and gear

Annual grant that aims to recognize innovative programs in education that speak to disengaged youth

Awarding grants of $5000 to programs that promote mental health which can be easily applied to esports.

On-going community grant for gear and program support